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The cozy mountain town of Walpole has only ever known peace and tranquility, thanks to its strong community bonds and dedication to family values. That is, however, until recently...

Three attacks in the last ten days - families murdered, each time. It's a tragedy they never thought possible, not in their town, and they respond in the only way they can come up with: they don't. 

But the danger still lurks, and not all of us are so keen on the idea of waiting out this crisis till it passes - or worse, till we're all dead. 

There's a killer out there. And whoever they are, they will strike again. 

So... who's stupid enough to take this mystery on? 

At the heart of Penthos is its cast of characters. Throughout the story, you'll come to learn their perspectives and backgrounds - and perhaps even some of their struggles.

Agnes (she/her), an ordinary wallflower, is roped into a local murder investigation by her paranoid friend Byrne (he/him). With the whole town under the mystery's spell, it's up to them to figure out what's truly hiding behind their hometown's small mountain values. But this vigilante behavior doesn't sit right with the rest of the group - fashionista Yumi (she/her), angry inch Axel (they/them), and stoner Guro (he/him) - and as the situation unfolds, this increasing tension will drive them to find out more about themselves and their friendship.

Be warned; Penthos is a kinetic novel, so no routes, unfortunately! Why no routes? Well...

Penthos is the brainchild of writer Sem Roolvink and artist Noah Segura, two best friends. We've decided to challenge ourselves to take on a medium we had no knowledge of before, simply because it puts us in full control of the story we'd like to tell. 

Penthos will be a full-length kinetic narrative experience, featuring limited voice acting and original music. To find out more, please visit our website. 

Content warning: Flashing imagery, death/murder mention,  gore. This game is not  suitable for children or the easily disturbed.


Penthos for Windows 450 MB
Version 1.2 Oct 19, 2021
Penthos for Mac 432 MB
Version 1.2 Oct 19, 2021
Penthos for Win/Linux 467 MB
Version 1.2 Oct 19, 2021

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this game was SO GOOD!! i loved all the characters they were so fleshed out and intresting. the story had so many twists and turns and every step of the way u just got more dragged in. I can't wait to see more games u guys create this was just so so cool


I'm not quite done playing yet but holy shit I have been loving every minute of this game. I seriously love the writing to bits and I am on the edge of my seat. 


I've played quite a few VNs in my life, but this is one of the most gripping and unique VN experiences I've ever experienced. The plot is gripping (especially the use of the oracle forum). The setting of Walpole feels nostalgic. The characters are loveable and memorable with creative designs and aesthetics. Truly a BLAST!